BOHL (Bohlius), SAMUEL°

BOHL (Bohlius), SAMUEL°
BOHL (Bohlius), SAMUEL° (1611–1639), Lutheran Hebraist. Born in Greifenberg (Gryfice), Pomerania, Bohl taught at the University of Rostock, where he wrote an exposition of rabbinic commentaries on Malachi (1637) and a Hebrew grammar (1638). Other publications include an exposition of chapters seven to twelve of Isaiah, a commentary on Proverbs, and a treatise on the masoretic accents as the key to the verse-allocation of the Decalogue. Some of Bohl's works were published by G. Menthen in Thesaurus theologico-philologicus (vol. 1, Amsterdam, 1701). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: J. Cothmann, Programma… ad exequias… Samueli Bohlio, in: H. Witte, ed., Memoriae theologorum…, ser. 4 (1674); Nouvelle biographie g Mn Mrale, 6 (1853), 392; Steinschneider, Cat Bod, 79, nos. 469, 471; 803, no. 4617. ADD. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Steinschneider, in: ZHB, 2, no. 113 (1897), 54. (Raphael Loewe)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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